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Daily Mail reports on Facewatch’s success in deterring crime

Meat, nappies, razor blades and deodorant top the list of Britain's…
10th January 2021/by Stuart Greenfield
nick Fisher CEO - Facewatch

Facewatch facial recognition – A Christmas present and future for those working in retail

Nick Fisher talks about the challenges for retailers and how…
21st December 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
BSIA Broadcast AFR

BSIA Broadcast – AFR: authentication, identification and ethical usage

Facewatch support the BSIA as a full member and are working with…
18th November 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Sholinfg Garage southampton Lawrences Garages

Why we use Facewatch?- Simon Lawrence discusses Covid, security and the future

A family business with an eye for the future 

Simon Lawrence,…
28th October 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Gareth Lewis , Co-op

Facewatch at the Southern Co-op

Protecting our customers and colleagues
Comment from Gareth…
5th October 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
BRC - workers protection

MPs urged to protect shopworkers against violence

BRC unveils Shopworkers’ Protection Pledge to protect…
2nd September 2020/by Stuart Greenfield

Customer Feedback Survey

During July we asked a selection of Facewatch customers a series…
11th August 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Facewatch/Sentinel integration

Monitor Computer Systems and Facewatch partner to deliver facial recognition to the Sentinel security monitoring system

2nd July 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Facewatch App

Nick Fisher: Facing down shop crime

Facing down shop crime
Big Interview with Asian Trader magazine:…
16th June 2020/by Stuart Greenfield

It’s a retail war zone! Nick Fisher, Facewatch, CEO and Gavin Dunleavy, DVS, Commercial Director, discuss

In a wide-ranging discussion, Nick and Gavin talk about the major…
8th June 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Facemask test

Facemask algorithm test – VLOG#2

In this short video, we preview and test the new Facewatch facemask…
1st June 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Facewatch Tech Tips

Don’t miss Facewatch TV – with George’s Tech Tips

It's a perfect time for our customers and Accredited…
12th May 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Facewatch Facemask algorithm

Facewatch launches facemask recognition upgrade

Facemasks are everywhere, serving as one of the frontlines in…
11th May 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Facewatch on a crusade for safer retailing

Nick Fisher, on a crusade for a safer high street, discusses why facial recognition is the smart answer

24th April 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Coronavirus outbreak

Retail staff subjected to hostile customers during coronavirus outbreak?

By Hugh Radojev 18 March 2020  Retail Week 
As the government…
18th March 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Facwatch - Nick Fisher and Dean Kernot

Face to Face with Nick Fisher and Dean Kernot – Facial Recognition the ‘game changer’ for the security industry

Less than a month ago Vista CCTV became the newest partner with…
9th March 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Fiona Barton QC

Facial Recognition: Fiona Barton QC and Facewatch present

In an open debate at The Temple in London the issues of facial…
17th February 2020/by Stuart Greenfield

Retail crime statistics in 2019 show even greater need for a ‘self help’ answer

17th February 2020/by Phil Wright
Dean Kernot, Vista, Sales & Marketing Manager and Nick Fisher, CEO, Facewatch announce the new partnership

Vista & Facewatch bring GDPR compliant facial recognition solution to market

Vista CCTV and Facewatch, the UKs leading retail crime deterrent…
10th February 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
Face2Face with Nick Fisher and Gavin Dunleavy

Facewatch Accredited Partner Scheme launched

17th January 2020/by Stuart Greenfield

Facewatch launches in Spain with the appointment of retail technology business leader SBT

SBT are one of the leading providers of technology solutions…
6th January 2020/by Stuart Greenfield
David Davies Technical Director, DVS

DVS, Facewatch’s Channel distribution partner, publish first new ‘how to’ video

David Davies, the technical director, of DVS goes on camera to…
17th December 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
Dave Davies, CTO at DVS demonstrates the Facewatch solution to DVS sales staff

Facewatch and DVS join forces to distribute game changing GDPR compliant facial recognition crime deterrent solution

DVS, one of the UK’s leading CCTV camera and components distributors,…
28th November 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
Daily Telegraph

Daily Telegraph – Pros and cons of Facial Recognition

By Charles Hymas

Home Affairs Editor (The Daily Telegraph)



31st October 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
Nick Fisher, CEO, Facewatch

Guardian Newspaper reports on the rise of facial recognition technology

We are hurtling towards a surveillance state’: the…
6th October 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
Nick Fisher CEO Facewatch

Face2Face with Nick Fisher, CEO, Facewatch – putting the record straight on facial recognition

Nick Fisher, CEO, of Facewatch talks Face2Face with customers,…
26th September 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

2020 Olympics in Tokyo will use facial recognition technology


SEPTEMBER 11, 2019 
Hundreds of terminals…
12th September 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

The risks and rewards of facial recognition in retail – Retail Week reports

By Grace Bowden 27 August 2019

Facial recognition technology…
9th September 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

Crime against retailers and wholesalers continues to rise- New Gov report says

By Gaelle Walker 5 September 2019 Convenience store magazine

9th September 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

The High Court said the use of facial recognition tech by police was legal

Reported by:Rowland Manthorpe
Technology correspondent @rowlsmanthorpe…
4th September 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

Facewatch exhibit at RETAIL RISK conference and exhibition in Leicester on 3rd October

The Facewatch team will be exhibiting at the Retail Week…
4th September 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
BRC logo


Violence remains a key issue this year. On average,…
20th August 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
Observer - Facewatch - Facial recognition

The Observer – Facial recognition… coming to a supermarket near you…

Published in The Observer, by Tom Chivers, Sun 4 Aug 2019…
5th August 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

ACS crime report – The biggest concerns for retailers are violence, theft and verbal abuse

Crime Report 2019

The ACS 2019 Crime Report shows…
29th July 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
Facewatch and Intel partner in retail crime prevention campaign

Facewatch and Intel launch new campaign focusing on retail crime prevention

23rd July 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

Automated facial recognition trials backed by home secretary, Sajid Javid

Sajid Javid, the Home Secretary, has backed trials of face recognition…
12th July 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

Facewatch partners with Store Excel to help retailers embrace facial recognition


Facewatch is leading the drive to support retailers…
8th July 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
Facewatch stops crime

Stand up to shoplifting – Convenience Store Magazine reports:

Unable to rely on the police for help, many retailers are…
1st July 2019/by Stuart Greenfield

Budgens convenience store endorses the success of Facewatch facial recognition security camera

Facewatch has won the total support of Paul Wilks after a successful…
28th June 2019/by Stuart Greenfield
Shopworkers under siege

The BBC One Show reports on the chilling reality of working in the retail industry

The One Show reports on the fear, worry and challenges facing the retail trade highlighting the disregard shoplifters have for CCTV and staff when focused on stealing from stores.
13th June 2019/by Facewatch
new facial recognition technology guidelines for MET police

Ethics Panel sets out future framework for new facial recognition technology

The independent panel that advises City Hall on the ethics of policing has set out new guidelines on how facial recognition technology should be used by the Met Police in the capital.
13th June 2019/by Facewatch
Cressida Dick

Public expects facial recognition system policing, London’s top officer says

“I actually believe facial recognition technology, properly overseen, properly thought about, properly circumscribed, is something that our public would expect us to be doing”
11th June 2019/by Facewatch
Nick Fisher CEO Facewatch

Nick Fisher, CEO of Facewatch “Facial recognition security systems are a force for good”

"Facewatch’s retail crime reduction system, using facial recognition, shows how this developing technology can be acceptable and secure for the public whilst reducing crime and unacceptable behaviour in the retail environment."
3rd June 2019/by Facewatch